Why Use Powerade ION4?

PowerAde ION4 is an isotonic sport drink containing the sodium your body loses during sweat, when you drink Powerade ION4, its combination of carbohydrate and sodium encourages your body to absorb fluid and maintain fluid balance. As carbohydrates are replaced too, your working muscles are supplied with fuel and you’re able to sustain your endurance (or physical performance) when you exercise.

When Should I Use It?

It’s vital to restore your fluid balance after prolonged exercise. If you’re training or competing at high intensity for more than 45 minutes (or more than 60 minutes at any intensity), Powerade ION4 can really help you keep adequately hydrated. It also supplies fuel rapidly to working muscles, helping you sustain performance.

Powerade ION4 comes in three different flavours and, unlike water; it doesn’t switch your thirst receptors off prematurely. In other words, it keeps you feeling thirsty until you’re properly rehydrated. The use of sports drinks before, during and after prolonged exercise is supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND – formerly the American Dietetic Association), National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)


Powerade Zero

Why Use it?

Whatever your sport or activity. you need to stay adequately hydrated. So no matter who you are or what sport you’re doing, hydration is vital.

With that in mind, we’ve created calorie-free Powerade ZERO for those lighter intensity fitness sessions that last less than 60 minutes.

Powerade ZERO is designed to refresh and quench your thirst and give you optimum refreshment when you are active without adding back any calories.

When Should I Use It?

Powerade ZERO is ideal for light training or fitness sessions, or for whenever you want optimum fluid refreshment without calories.

During exercise, it helps to keep you refreshed and adequately hydrated by contributing to your daily fluid intake. It’s a fast way to replace the fluid and sodium lost through sweat during your fitness session.


How does Powerade ION4 work?

Powerade ION4 is a still isotonic sports drink, developed in collaboration with sports scientists. It contains sodium to replace that lost in sweat, plus a combination of carbohydrates, to hydrate you effectively, and rapidly replenish the fuel your body loses during exercise.

Does Powerade ION4 only work for elite athletes?

Anyone engaging in prolonged endurance exercise would benefit from using an isotonic sports drink such as Powerade ION4, whether they are exercising in cold or warm weather conditions.

Powerade ION4 contains a combination of carbohydrates to rapidly supply fuel to the working muscles, and to help sustain performance levels during prolonged high-intensity/endurance training sessions (lasting more than 60 minutes) and competition events.

In addition, for lighter training sessions or low-intensity gym/fitness workouts lasting less than 60 minutes, Powerade has introduced Powerade Zero.

Why do I need a sports drink? Can’t I just drink water?

Scientific research has shown that drinking only water during or after intensive exercise is not always the ideal beverage, as it stimulates high urine flow and reduces the drive to drink. Powerade ION4 contains both sodium, which is lost in sweat, and carbohydrates. In combination, these help your body absorb fluid more effectively from the stomach into the bloodstream. And because Powerade ION4’s isotonic, it’s balanced with your body fluids, so it’s absorbed at an optimal rate.

Does Powerade ION4 have sweeteners in it?

Powerade ION4 contains the both sugars (dextrose and fructose) and sweeteners ( Acesulfame K and Sucralose). Powerade Zero only contains the sweeteners Acesulfame K and Sucralose.

How many calories are in Powerade?

Depending on the flavour, Powerade ION4 contains 16-17 kcal per 100ml or 40-43 kcal per 250ml serving.

Powerade Zero contains 1 kcal per 100ml which makes it a calorie-free beverage